Comparison of Home Siding

This overview of home siding material options allows you to compare siding head to head in all the essential categories. You will also find individual pages for many of these materials where you can learn more detail as your research the right siding choice for your home or business. Information on each of the variables and choices is located below the table.

Type of Siding
Vinyl Siding 20-30 years
Low Maintenance
Many Easy
$.65-$2.00 square foot
Aluminum Siding 20-30 years
Low Maintenance
Few Easy
$2.50-$5.00 sf
Brick & Veneer 100+ years
Low – Moderate
Few Moderate
$4-$6/sf Brick Veneer, $6-$10/sf Full Brick
Stone & Slate 100+ years
Low – Moderate
Many Difficult
$4-$6/sf Stone Veneer, $14-$18/sf Natural Stone
Wood & Cedar Siding 50+
Moderate – High
Many (Stains) Few Easy
$2.50-$14.00 sq foot
Log Siding 50+ years
High Maintenance
Few Few Difficult
Fiber Cement Siding 35-50 years Moderate Many (Paint) Few Easy $1.25-$2.00 sf
Wood Shake Siding 25-40 years High Maintenance Many (Paint or Stain) Few Easy $4.25-$7.50 per square foot

Siding Durability & Maintenance Levels

The durability of the siding products you are considering is an important factor. How many years of dependability will you get from the siding? When will it need to be replaced because it can no longer protect your home or has become a visual liability?

The most durable siding options are stone and brick. When properly installed, they will last for centuries, potentially. These are also the most expensive siding choices, and that is no surprise. Vinyl and aluminum siding is very durable and resists weather quite well. In time, all siding will fade. You might want to replace it due to its appearance before it begins to fail your home. Here is what you can expect in terms of durability and longevity from today’s most popular siding options.

Siding Cost and Value

The longevity and lifespan you get from the siding, considered with the cost of it produces value. Low cost and excellent longevity is the epitome of value, but you don’t get that in the siding industry. Longevity and cost tend to go hand in hand, but there are some sidings that offer better bang for your buck than others. Here are costs along with an evaluation of the siding’s value. All prices are per square foot.

Appearance and Selection

The more style, color and texture options you have in a product, the more likely you are to find one that produces the look you’re trying to achieve on your home.

Potential Concerns for Siding Types

What are the possible downsides of each type of siding? There are many reasons to be overly cautious about choosing siding for your home remodeling project. Here are some notes about each type.

  • Stone Siding
    While the durability is outstanding, this is the costliest common siding product. It is prohibitively expensive for most homeowners.
  • Brick Siding
    Not as expensive as stone, but it is pricey. Down the road 15-25 years, mortar repairs will begin to be required.
  • Wood and Cedar Siding
    All wood sidings must be carefully maintained to prevent rot and insect infestation. They also burn quickly.
  • Aluminum Siding
    Aluminum siding is prone to chalking and fading. The quality of the finish will make the difference. Look for siding with a 20-25 year chalking warranty.
  • Fiber Cement Siding
    The product selection is somewhat limited, though that will change since fiber cement is growing in popularity. It must be painted regularly to maintain an attractive appearance.
  • Vinyl Siding
    Cheap siding will begin to show its age in 12-15 years and none should be expected to look good and perform well past 25 years.

Choosing the Right Siding for your Home or Business

Narrow your options based on your budget. Then, consider the products that will help you attain the look you want for your home. Don’t overlook the maintenance requirements of each product in terms of the time and/or money it will take to keep it looking good and performing as it should.

You might also want to consider how long you intend to be in your current home. The longer you plan to be there, the more sense it makes to choose a high-end siding product. Consider all of these factors and you’ll come up with one or two siding products that will meet all off your requirements.