Aluminum Siding Cost Guide

Aluminum siding is once again an option for any home. After being largely displaced by vinyl siding, aluminum siding is in demand by homeowners who appreciate its durability and style.

This siding price guide gives an overview of the features you get with aluminum siding, including its strengths and weaknesses. Aluminum siding prices are included to allow you to evaluate if it is worth the money for your purposes. Aluminum is sometimes referred to as metal siding, and you’ll see that term when researching this siding material or shopping for it online or in the store.

How Much Does Aluminum Siding Cost?

Typical Cost Range: $2.90 – $7.50 / Square Foot Installed

National Average Installed Cost: $5.10 / Square Foot Installed

Costs Based on Home Size

In the tables below, explore the average cost to have aluminum siding installed on the exterior of your home. In all examples, the cost includes;

  • Removal of old sheathing and siding.
  • Minor repairs of the exterior wall surface.
  • Sealing all gaps in the building structure beneath the new siding.
  • Wrapping the house in new weather resistant barrier.
  • New aluminum siding .
  • All installation labor and materials.
  • Cleanup of the property when completed.

Home Sizes in Square Feet of Siding

Home Size
Average Cost
750 Square feet $3,825
900 Square feet $4,590
1,000 Square feet $5,100
1,100 Square feet $5,610
1,200 Square feet $6,120
1,300 Square feet $6,630
1,400 Square feet $7,140
1,500 Square feet $7,650
1,600 Square feet $8,160
1,700 Square feet $8,670
1,800 Square feet $9,180
1,900 Square feet $9,690
2,000 Square feet $10,200
2,100 Square feet $10,710
2,200 Square feet $11,220
2,300 Square feet $11,730
2,400 Square feet $12,240
2,500 Square feet $12,750
2,700 Square feet $13,770
2,900 Square feet $14,790
3,000 Square feet $15,300
3,200 Square feet $16,320
3,500 Square feet $17,850
3,700 Square feet $18,870
3,900 Square feet $19,890
4,000 Square feet $20,400

Leading Brands of Aluminum Siding

There are fewer brands of aluminum siding than of vinyl siding. The top manufacturers are Mastic, Revere, Rollex, Royal Building Products and many others. Alcoa was once the largest maker of aluminum siding. Alcoa’s siding business was bought by Mastic and the products are available as Mastic’s Performance Metals lines.

Various Types & Textures of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding styles are very similar to vinyl siding styles, though you won’t find as many varieties. Both horizontal and vertical styles are available. Horizontal aluminum siding has the look of lapped wood with each sheet of siding including 2-3 laps. Common styles are double 4”, double 5” lap and double 6”, commonly referred to as D4, D5 and D6 siding. Single 8” and 9” is also offered.

Vertical board & batten aluminum siding is also made by several of the largest manufacturers and has a rustic appeal. Board & batten siding widths include double 4”, double 5”, single 10” and single 12”.

Nominal thicknesses of aluminum siding range from .019” to .024”. The thicker the material, the more resistant to wind it will be and the more it will cost.

Estimate Aluminum Siding Prices

Aluminum siding prices begin at about $220 per square which is 100 square feet of material. That means an area that is 10′ x 10′ square, will cost around $220 before installation. This comes to $2.20 per square foot. The top of the line aluminum siding from most brands sells for more than $500 per square, or $5 per square foot for the material. Installation is extra.

Before making your final decision, compare aluminum siding with other options such as log siding and cedar siding by browsing the price guides on this site, or see our Exterior Siding Material Guides page. Perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at today’s quality aluminum siding products.

Possible Expenses During Installation

During a siding project, underlying issues might be discovered once old siding is removed. Now is the time to address them. Here is a list of repairs that are commonly made during siding along with their costs.

Repairing sheathing problems

Bowed or cupped plywood or OSB sheathing are structural imperfections that will be visible through the siding. Damaged sheets must be removed, and any twisted or bulging studs replaced before adding fresh sheathing. This work slows down a siding project and adds significant cost when extensive.

  • Cost to repair sheathing on your home: $3.75-$6.65 per square foot.

Repairing rot

Gaps in old siding, missing caulking and broken gutters allow water to soak the wood framing of a home. Wood rot is common in fascia and the house’s framing around door and window openings. In severe cases, sheathing might need replacing, a repair we addressed above.

  • Cost to replace rotted window and door framing: $375-$650 per frame.
  • Cost to replace fascia: $6.00-$9.00 per linear foot for wood; 14-$20 per linear foot for aluminum or composite.

Adding gable vents

New construction homes and those that have been renovated have what is called a “tight envelope.” It’s a benefit that makes the home energy efficient. A downside is that heat and moisture get trapped in the attic if it isn’t adequately vented, causing mold, rot and damaged roofing. Installing gable vents is part of the solution.

  • Cost of gable vent installation: $45-$100 each.

Installing weather-resistant barrier (WRB)

This is commonly called house wrap or Tyvek after a leading brand, and it is part of the tight envelope mentioned above. House wrap wasn’t available when many homes were last sided, or what is there might need replacing. The barrier prevents moisture from entering where it causes rot and mold, and it helps stop air leaks that drive up heating and air conditioning costs. It’s a reasonable expense that pays for itself in a few years.

  • Cost to install weather-resistant barrier: $1.15-$1.40 per square foot

Pros and Cons of Aluminum

Aluminum siding has many strengths, and today’s products are superior to the previous generation of aluminum siding. The new styles are very attractive and come in a nice array of colors. The color is a finish rather than a pigment that permeates the material. Industrial-grade acrylic paints are used that resist fading and scratching. However, if the paint is scratched, it will show more than a scratch on pigmented vinyl siding. Textures include heavy cedar woodgrain, painted wood and smooth finishes.

Aluminum siding is virtually maintenance-free. It can be rinsed with the hose or washed with a mild soap and sponge to keep it looking great for many years.

The siding often comes with a general lifetime warranty for material defects. The finish typically carries a 15-25 year warranty against chalking and fading. Aluminum siding can be painted if you want to change the color of if it begins to fade or chalk.

Aluminum resists insect infestation better than wood siding, due only to the nature of the material. It won’t burn either, something that can’t be said for slow-burning vinyl or fast-burning wood siding. Aluminum is susceptible to dents however, and might not handle heavy hail as well as wood or vinyl.

In terms of cost, aluminum siding is more expensive than most vinyl siding and is on par with the price of most wood siding.

Aluminum Siding Cleaning & Estimated Costs

Aluminum siding cleaning costs range from $.35 to $.80 (35-80 cents) per square foot of siding. That’s a wide range of prices, and here’s what accounts for the spread:

  • Two-story homes require extra equipment, and the cleaning goes more slowly, so costs are higher than for single-story homes with the same amount of siding (+35%)
  • Homes with more corners and other design complexities cost more to clean (+10%)
  • Using cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly might cost more (+10%)
  • Very dirty siding takes longer to clean, so costs more (+10%-25%)

One of the biggest factors in aluminum siding cleaning costs is who does the work. From most affordable to most expensive, your options are:

  • Unlicensed handyman service
  • Licensed & insured handyman service (+10%)
  • Franchise cleaning company (+20%)
  • Company hired by a property management firm (+25%)

The risk of hiring an unlicensed handyman is that if your home is damaged, you might have to pay the repair and replacement costs. Common problems are excessive water pressure that mars siding and poor cleaning technique that forces water behind the siding where it can cause mold, leak into your home or rot the framing.

For cost-effective professional aluminum siding cleaning without the risk, do the hiring yourself. Get competitive aluminum siding cleaning estimates from several companies that are licensed and insured, so if anything goes wrong, you’ll be protected.

Aluminum siding can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution and a soft-bristled brush before being rinsed with a hose or pressure washer at 2,000psi maximum. Another popular technique, and one that is faster and more affordable, is to pressure wash the siding first with a soap solution and then with a clean-water rinse.

Before you have the siding cleaned, make sure that caulk around windows and doors is in good condition, and make repairs if needed.